New Writing

Our new writing is fearless.
It does not shy away from controversial subjects, nor does it dumb down in the hope of reaching a wider audience.
It respects the audience and pushes at their sensibilities.

Anonymous Anonymous

Welcome aboard - Kaye Brown, Tashan Sinclair-Doyle, Kimesha Campell, Michael Jinks, Jackson Pentland. What an excellent cast they will be!

Tressillian Collective are proud to announce the performance dates for Anonymous Anonymous, a play written, produced and directed by the company’s founding members.

Anonymous Anonymous will run from 23rd – 27th June at The Space, 269 Westferry Road, London, E14 3RS. (buy tickets here)

A group of Internet addicts meet in a church hall to deal with their addiction. In doing so they explore the tension between our digital and non-digital lives.

The Internet: Twitter, Tinder, 4chan, Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, Amazon and StarCraft, amongst others.

Or, to look at it another way: journey planners, weather forecasts, comparison websites, work e-mails, job applications, and online banks.

Is it a want, or a need?

Could you get by without it?

Anonymous Anonymous would not exist without the love and support of The London Playwriting Lab, otherwise known as the most incredible writing workshop Phil has ever experienced.

Anonymous Anonymous is also supported by the O2 Think Big fund. Their contribution will help us to set up educational workshops for teenagers that will use ideas from the play to promote safe and responsible Internet usage. More on this soon.

Audience Participation

Tressillian are currently in the last stages of development for Audience Participation, written by co-founder Phil Lindsey.


“It is an acknowledged fact that the internet affords, or can afford, an infinite level of anonymity for its users”

– Anonymous

It’s audience participation, but not the kind you’re thinking of. It’s the internet and you tell it things and it tells those things to someone else and it never, ever judges you. And it never, ever holds its tongue. And it never, ever tells you to stop. And this could be a dangerous thing.

We are seeking to build a team for a week run later this year. Particularly, we are looking for set, lighting and sound designers/operators to join the Tressillian founders on creative, and to cast three male parts and one female. If you would like to be involved in Audience Participation, or with any other Tressillian project, get in touch via the emails given on our collaborate page.

In the meantime, we will be fundraising as hard as we can, so keep checking the website for information on fundraising events [as well as updates on the production process]. If you are an individual or corporation who would like to support us or contribute in kind, please get in touch via email.


Currently in development and seeking funding, Winfamy has already enjoyed a critically acclaimed run at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe as a one-act play.

Beginning as a radio show while the founding members of Tressillian Collective were still students at Goldsmiths College (an example of which can be found here), Winfamy has been developed over the years into a nuanced examination of the loneliness that TV taught us.

to Winfamy

“A sickening feeling spreads through your stomach as you realise how gripping and entertaining you have found these twisted stories …bizarre and brilliant”

– edfringereview

“The cyclical narrative and wondrously delicate characters push at sensibilities which are admirably varied and challenging to confront …a true pleasure”

– ThreeWeeks

Winfamy is now full-length, balancing the pitch-black comedy of the original with a careful, gut-wrenching examination of the fallout after the fifteen minutes of fame are up.